Fleeting to Downunder Edit

Fleeting to Downunder was the former form of Fleeting to Australia. Then was going to have an extra plant known as "Kolaola Spring" and three other zombies found in the code, known as Uki-Zombie, Kan-Zombie and Kol-Zombie.

Kolaola Spring Edit

Kolaola Spring is an unused plant found in the code.

Unused Zombies Edit

Uki-Zombie, Kan-Zombie and Kol-Zombie are unused zombies found in the code. This excludes Uki-Zombie having a mention of it in the announcement of the world.

Unused Beta Sun Cost Edit

  • Peashooter - 25 (100)
  • Sunflower - 25 (50)
  • Wall-nut - 25 (50)
  • Potato Mine - 0 (25)
  • Cabbage-pult - 75 (100)
  • Bonk Choy - 25 (50)
  • Winter Melon - 225 (300)
  • Melon Slice Pult - 100 (250)

Ipad Garlic Edit

Ipad Garlic was removed because of lack of Coding, and was deleted from the code.

Maina article: Ipad Garlic

(Apple) Edit

(Apple) is an unused plant deleted from the code between updates 1.0 and 1.1.

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