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Gallothy Edit

Almanac entry Edit

(note: despite the 'says.' bit does not appear at the end, PopCaps says it is there just there is no scroll line present from coding errors.)

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Gallothy paralizes zombies

"Gallothy, Gallothy, where is my Gallothy, you know the rhyme, people who like this or even say it should die more than zombie," Gallothy says.

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Gallothy paralyzes zombies

"Gallothy, Gallothy, where is my Gallothy, you know the rhyme, people who like this or even say it should die more than a zombies ," Gallothy says.

Plastic Cherry Wrap Edit

Cicadidae Exploder Edit

Cicadidae Exploder was a former plant in Player's House but was removed from the game. It may be released in the game but this is uncrentain.

Glass Shooter Edit

Sea Flower Edit

It was originally going to be called Vacuum Flower.

Death Mango Edit

Death Mango, (known as Repomegranate ,like Rotten Red in the code,) is a scrapped plant.

Plant-pult Edit

Plant-pult is a removed from the game. It through 2 plants randomly on the board and explodes when there are no more spaces. It plant food effect was to cover the whole board with imitators and would stop the game to see what plant they would all turn into. It was removed because of bytes, it took to much bytes and made the game lag.It's sun cost was 0 and grew by 50 every time, and it's recharge was Super Slow. Despite it being temporarily released a coding mistake used it's unfinished design, and it was obtainable through limited time offers. It's unfinished design (accidently used), looks like a Fila-mint with a small Fila-mint on top with two plants with plants in them (Unknown plant 4)

Scrapped zombies Edit

Fusion Zombies Edit

scrapped for ability.

Unused Gargantuar Edit

 Mini Game System Edit

The Mini Game System was inspired by though was scrapped because delayed releases.

Former Heroes mini game Edit

Heroes mini game is a mini game where heroes game style for extra...


Plants Edit

Warrior Princess Daisy, Barbarian Mulberry, Archer Clover, Cotton Wizard and Assassin Kiwi

Zombies Edit

To be added.

Achievements Edit

  • Hero cards (allows plants from this to be used in the extras or the normal game.
  • Plant cards (allows plants from extras and the normal game to be used in this mini game.)
  • Mini Game Almanac (allows you to see mini game plant that are exclusive to this.)

Zombie mini game Edit

This mini game is where instead of protecting the house by plants, you invade the house with zombies.

cost:600 game coins

Zombies Edit

all zombie are available with the exception of Gargantuars and Dr. Zomboss if it is not a boss fight.

Plants Edit

Peashooter, Sunflower, Cherry Bomb, Unknown plants

Possible Scrapped mini games Edit

  • Cherry Bomb Sideday

Cherry Bomb Sideday plants: Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb Sideday zombies: Basic Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Cherry Bomb Head Zombie

Cherry Bomb Head Zombie Edit

Cherry Bomb Head Zombie was scrapped because of it's mini game it was supposed to be in was scrapped.

Super Slow Edit

Super Slow was a reload time in the game, but was removed from the game for unknown reasons. A plant with this would have taken 1 minute to recharge.

Unused Plant 3 Edit

Unused Plant 3 used to be in the game and is going to be re-released in the game.

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