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This article is about a recently released or soft-released part of a Plants vs. Zombies game. As such, spoilers may be revealed. Read at your own risk!
The Peafowlflower (also called Peacock Henfowl of Fort in America), is a new plant in Plants vs. Zombies: Space & Time, which can be obtained by beating a level from Tropical Storm Forest.

Origins Edit

Note:Peacock Henflower of Fort name version is to be added here.

The name is portmanteau of the words "peafowl" and "flower", despite a peafowl is a species of bird, not plant.

Despite the Peafowlflower's design is based off the male version, Peacock, she is a girl form, Peahen. Which, looks different to it's other gender.

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Upgrades Edit


Strategies Edit

Do not use if a Peafowl Zombies is present in the level.


Trivia Edit

  • Despite the Americas name version, it has been confirmed that Peafowlflower has been confirmed to be the international title of the plant.

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